Neville Bennett PhD LSE

Dr Neville Bennett (PhD London School of Economics) is
Economic Editor of the National Business Review (NBR),  
Director of the Foundation of the Blind and recently retired from
the board of the NZ Universities Superannuation Scheme after
12 years, he has recently taken up a Directorship of Cultivar
Fund Management  and he is a Consultant to Breaker Bay
Group. During an esteemed career he taught Economic History
at Hong Kong University and Canterbury for many years now

Neville offers an exclusive window into the future from the same
economist that brought you the Aviation Index and other unique
insights into the workings of the world economy.

Here is what Dr Bennett has said in the past in the NBR–

"The yield curve is rather flat and appears to be flattening ...
Every recession has been preceded by a flat curve. There is a
massive credit crunch taking place."
JUNE 2, 2006

"The market seizes the good news and runs with it. Sometimes
there is somewhat negative news but that is overlooked. (The
Dow) now surges every day. So did the Nikkei ... it rose to
28,000 in early 1998. It was convinced it was inspired by infinite
expansion ... there is a disconnect between the finance and real
world ... I have looked up other bubbles and it always ends in
MAY11, 2007.

With the benefit of hindsight we can now see just how accurate
Neville's analysis was back in 2006 / 2007.
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